Yet Another Note On Block Withholding Attack On Bitcoin Mining Pools

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ACM CCS 2017 - Be Selfish and Avoid Dilemmas: Fork After Withholding Attacks on Bitcoin - Yujin Kwon8 Mar 2018.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin, just like other cryptocurrencies, has seen.

We are not talking about an attack on the blockchain itself; that is almost a non-starter.

Also called block withholding, a pool may use their computational power to mine.

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22 Dec 2016.

Bitcoin system, when more than 51% computing power is controlled by a single.

All these centers prominent in other systems exert what is reasonably called.

Facing conditions of perpetual escalation, miners join pools, wherein they.

In a block withholding attack, a miner who finds a winning solution,

3 Dec 2014.

Mining pools are an essential part of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

However, if both attack each other, both earn less than if none attacks.

Since block withholding attacks are not prevalent (this is one exception), at least.

and thereby does not contribute to the victim's revenue (note that the miner could have.