Using Copay As A Btc Wallet. Good Idea Or Not?

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24 Nov 2019.

What's in the future for Copay and the BitPay wallet app?.

open bitcoin wallet platform, while making the BitPay app the best way to secure,

to keep Copay a pure wallet and remove any functionality not related to sending,

24 Jan 2020.

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The Copay Bitcoin wallet was released in June 2015. By 2016.

Now you've seen what's good about the Copay Bitcoin wallet and what's not so good. Next.

27 Nov 2018.

If you use the wallet you have not been affected by this issue at all,

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How To Use Bitcoin Multi-Signature with CoPay23 Apr 2018.

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Like many other bitcoin wallets, Copay is free to use.

Copay is ideal for users who don't want to keep their funds with a third party.