Gamification. Coinbrawl Is Like A Retro

Onder Gamificatie (Engels: gamification) verstaat men het aanwenden van spelprincipes en speeltechnieken in een niet-spelcontext (zoals navigatie-apps, .

It is common for retrospectives to start to feel like an ongoing chore, especially for teams that have been together for a while. There are numerous ways to gamify.

14 aug 2018.

Gamification wordt op social media nog nauwelijks ingezet. Welke kansen biedt het? En hoe kun je gamification inzetten op jouw socials?

Gamification Infographic E Learning, Ontwerpend Denken, Educatieve.

I like the emphasis on "narrative" as a component of smart gamification. Kus.

Sevasblog : Things I like: Anne Retrohumor, Retro Grappig, Oude Advertenties, Anne.

Bitcoin Faucets 2.0 – Gamification. Coinbrawl is like a retro RPG/PVP web game – I earn over 20,000 satoshi/hr for playing. Faucets were a great introductory tool.

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3 Apps to Turn Your Life Into an RPGBy weaving suitably fun features such as leaderboards and badges into an existing system, designers tap users' intrinsic motivations so they enjoy using it more.