Apakah Bitcoin Halal

Bitcoin Indonesia: Hukum Bitcoin dalam Islam - Poster Dakwah Yufid TV8 dec 2017.

De Saoedische geestelijke Assim Al-Hakeem geeft aan dat het gebruik van Bitcoins volgens de Islamitische wet verboden is. Nieuws over.

24 Mei 2018.

Tak hanya Bitcoin, mata uang virtual (cryptocurrency) lainnya seperti Ethereum dan Ripple juga disambut oleh pengurus masjid. Salah seorang.

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15 Jan 2018.

This article will focus on cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, and whether or not they are shariah compliant. As ever, this is not a definitive fatwa on.

Are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin considered money in Islam? What are the qualities of money? Learn what shariah says about currency and how it applies to.

Muslim scholars on the legality of bitcoin with respect to Shariah.

Jakarta, published a paper on whether Bitcoin is Halal (permitted) or Haram (forbidden) on.